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fathers day movie gift

Father’s Day 2002 was quickly approaching, and I was at a loss over what to get for hubby. With the kids grown and living out of the area now, it didn’t look like we would be doing any “family” activities, to celebrate Dad’s special day of the year. I thought about the usual array of gifts commonly handed out on this rather auspicious day of the year, but nothing seemed right for the occasion. I really wanted to do something different….something special.
Even after twenty years of marriage, one of hubby’s most persistent fantasies has been to create his own porno movie starring, who else, his loving wife. As you might imagine, the storyline of this fantasy movie has ranged from filming me in various “nude-in-public” situations to a wild gangbang flick. Although I have given in to hubby’s “fantasy ideas” over the years – resulting in a plethora of sexual adventures – many of which you have read about in Literotica – I have never granted his request to produce his much-requested porno pic.
That’s when it came to me. For a nominal fee I could purchase a video camera for hubby, and given the right circumstances, I thought I might just grant his fantasy to produce his own home porn. It seemed to be the perfect gift.
After making my purchase, the “planner” part of my mind began to take over. I had about two weeks to set up a surprise porno-making adventure for my hubby. Never knowing what hubby might come up with himself, as a theme for his little movie, I thought it best to create my own script, recruit some help, and set the stage for the surprise.
First off, I secured weekend reservations at a hotel in Reno, Nevada (one of our favorite weekend getaway spots). Next, I came up with a plot for our movie. I would play the part of a horny business woman, traveling alone on a business trip. Somewhere in the movie, I would be surprised by two men, who would then seduce and ravish me. It all sounded perfect to me, and I knew hubby would love to video me getting banged by two guys.
Last, but not least, I enlisted the aid of two long-time friends. The two were really more than just friends though. Hubby and I had actually experienced our own threesomes with each of the guys individually over the years. Although it had been some time since we had all been together, I was comfortable sharing my plot with the two friends. They thought my gift was awesome, and were more than happy to join me in executing the plan.
On the eve of Father’s Day, hubby and I checked in to our hotel room and spent the night doing the “cabaret” thing. We had great fun and great sex that night, with hubby completely buying into what he thought was his “weekend away” Father’s Day gift.
The next day, hubby and I spent an enjoyable day touring Lake Tahoe, then returned to Reno for what he thought would be a repeat of the following evening’s activities. Once again, we had a nice romantic dinner at one of the local clubs, followed by wine and cocktails. As the evening progressed, I let myself get a little more intoxicated than usual, both in preparation for the evening’s featured event, and so that hubby wouldn’t question why I wanted to return to our hotel room earlier than usual.
So it was that at about 11pm, I asked hubby if we could go back to our room. As we were walking towards the elevator, I further enticed him by popping out one of my perky little 36c boobies from my dress to show him what was in store for him upstairs. Coercion was no longer an issue, as I could see the beginnings of an erection already bulging in his pants.
Once in our room, I brought out hubby’s Father’s Day gift. He was more than elated to find himself the recipient of a brand new video camera. He immediately began examining his new toy and studying the operator’s manual, leaving me the opportunity to slip off to the bathroom to set the stage for part II of his gift.
Hubby was still playing with his camera when I reentered the bedroom area, wearing nothing but a pair of four-inch high heels and my jewelry. Standing there before him, the plush red hair of my pussy freshly brushed and positioned only inches from his face, I told him there was still one more part to his gift. I asked if he ever fantasized about making his own porno movie, with me as his star. I thought hubby’s dick would stab right through the crotch in his jeans.
I told hubby that I thought it would be cool for him to video me pretending to be a lonely businesswoman. I proposed to stretch out on the bed and get myself off with a large cucumber. With that, I produced a more than ample sized knotty cucumber and held it up for his examination. He was already chomping at the bit, visualizing how it would look to see that giant green tool sliding in and out of my pussy.
“One more thing.” I said. “To help fulfill some of your nude-in-public fantasy stuff, I want to leave our hotel door cocked open about six inches. If you position the camera right, you can capture all that I’m doing and pick up on anybody peeking in on us at the same time.” This of course was to set the stage for our two friends to make entry into our room.
I am certain that hubby shot his wad right into his shorts as I spoke. He was practically giddy as he loaded up his camera and took up a position at the far end of the room.
I glanced at the time and saw I still had 20 to 30 minutes before the guys were going to show up. I decided that hubby and I both needed a shot of brandy before kicking this adventure off. I felt it was late enough that hallway traffic would be practically non-existent. Even if someone did happen by, I anticipated that he or she probably wouldn’t notice what was going on in our room, and that they would probably be drunk anyway.
With about ten minutes to go, I suggested to hubby that he start the camera rolling. I strode over to the door as slowly and sexy as I could, giving him plenty of footage of my sloppy ass that he loves so much. I glanced through the peephole to confirm nobody was outside, then slowly opened the door as planned. Looking around, I could see the hallway was vacant, as I knew it would be.
My return walk was just as slow, and just as sexy. I could see hubby was zooming in on my bushy red pussy with his new camera. I could also see he had one hell of an erection poking up.
I crawled onto the bed, licking my lips as I looked at the camera. Turning onto my back, with my pussy facing the door, hubby took up a position behind me, shooting over my left shoulder – a perfect place to capture my antics with the cucumber, as well as anyone who might walk by our open door.
Sliding the cucumber slowly into my mouth, hubby zoomed in on my deep-throat lubrication technique in preparation for what was to come. Spreading my pussy lips with my left hand, I began rubbing my pussy with the head of the huge veggie using my other hand. The cool feel of the cucumber probing on the outer edges of my lips was having the anticipated affect. I could feel my clitoris stiffening and my nipples hardening. Soon enough, I could tell my juices were flowing, lubing the way for that wonderful tool to make its journey inside me.
My feet were together, but my knees were spread as far apart as my body would permit. Glancing up at the door, I grew a bit anxious realizing that a stranger could walk by at any moment and see me spread wide and pleasing myself. But the erotic feelings were such that I re-focused on the cucumber. By now, I had managed to take about 1/3 of the shaft, slowly easing it inside me, then drawing it back out before causing myself any pain.
After only a few minutes, I was able to take virtually the entire cucumber inside me. Still moving slowly, waiting for my juices to flow even more, I shuddered with each deepening probe of the shaft in my pussy.
Arching my head to see what hubby’s reaction was, I realized that he had stepped back a bit, seemingly wanting to catch a better view of both me and the door. His facial expression caused me to glance back at the door to see what he was reacting to. To my surprise (maybe even a little horror at the moment), there stood two men in the doorway, their eyes fixed on my pussy. By the looks of them, both had to be in their 70’s.
I started to roll over and out of their view, but changed my mind as my initial anxiousness turned to exhilaration. The two men didn’t advance into the room, remaining instead just outside the doorway. I doubt that they even realized hubby was including them in our movie. I closed my eyes again as I felt myself nearing orgasm. With the cucumber plunging deep inside me, I quickened the pace in search of what I knew would be a spectacular explosion.
At last, I plunged the cucumber deep inside my pussy one last time, letting out a tremendous groan as my body shuddered in ecstasy. As my mind slowly cleared, I automatically began gently stroking the cucumber in and out of my soaking wet box. I looked up to see the two strangers still completely focused on my pussy, both obviously unaware of the huge bulges in their pants.
“Hey fella’s, did you enjoy the show?” I said, panting as I recovered from my orgasm. Neither said a word, but the pair quickly retreated from the doorway and on down the hall. I am quite sure they did enjoy the show, and would probably continue enjoying the show as they replayed the event in their own minds later that night.
Only moments later, our doorway was once again filled with two men staring at my red-haired pussy. This time, however, it was our two friends. Hubby started to put down the camera, but must have realized that this chance meeting must have been “arranged”.
Pausing only a moment in the doorway, the two walked into the room, shutting the door behind them. Staying in character, the men immediately started talking “smack”.
“Hey little lady, do you want to be our slut tonight?” the one said. “You know you want to do us both because you want to prove how much of a whore slut you really are! We’ll even leave you $50 so you can complete your little freak-show fantasy.”
I never responded, opting to keep pumping that big green tool in and out, pausing occasionally to work my clitoris with the tip.
As hubby continued filming, the two men quickly disrobed and pounced on me. Both of them already had throbbing erections, and I could feel that I already had a pool of my own cum-juice below me on mattress. Pulling the cucumber from my hand, the two men easily rolled me on my stomach and pulled me to a kneeling position.
Neither of the two friends was exceptionally well hung, but their dicks were more than adequate for most women, including me. Alan was 46 years-old, blonde, and had an average build. Terry, though only 40, had darker hair with a smattering of grey. He was average build too, but with a little more of a “spare tire” than Alan. Not that any of this mattered much, as I was hungry for their cocks. The cucumber was fun, but no replacement for the real thing.
Alan grabbed my head and guided my mouth to his engorged penis. He kept calling me filthy names as he rubbed his dick over my mouth.
“Suck it bitch!” he said as he half forced his cock into my mouth.
I choked a little bit at first, as Alan didn’t give me a chance to prepare to take his dick all the way. I didn’t mind though, and I was sure that our porn movie would be better served for the momentary gag. I was already sucking like mad by the third time Alan drove his dick into my mouth.
Terry was right behind me, rubbing his cock over my pussy lips as he prepared to enter me. I couldn’t tell where hubby was, I could only assume he was capturing everything on tape.
Before I knew it, I was getting pounded at both ends. Terry was slamming me so hard that I knew the slapping of our skin would wake up people in the next room. Each time I would cum, and it had to be at least twice, I would lose the grip my lips had on Alan’s dick, which would result in a new flurry of insults from both the men. Alan would grab the back of my head with both hands and get me back into rhythm without hesitation.
Knowing that both men had to be close to orgasm as well, I got as rough and aggressive as I could, plunging myself forward on Alan’s cock, and then slamming myself backwards on Terry’s. I could even hear myself grunting and moaning with each new lunge, causing both men to become equally as vocal.
I wasn’t sure if Alan or Terry had decided to cum inside me, or give me a cum-bath instead. As I neared yet another orgasm, both men suddenly pushed forward inside me, Alan’s cock pushing deep inside my mouth as Terry slammed deep inside my pussy. As though on command, I could feel both men explode inside me.
Again, I gagged at first, as Alan blew cum to the back of my throat. I could feel Terry milking his tool in my pussy, trying for every bit of cum he had stored up. I felt my own body let go in orgasm as well, shaking and shuddering with passion, as I enjoyed the eroticism of the moment…..
According to hubby, our porn video was the best present he had ever received. Although he even talked about marketing it, I pointed out that our two friends would never go for that. They are both married, and successful career types. I told hubby he would have to be satisfied sharing our movie with each other, and perhaps the occasional close friend.
The camera also had the added benefit of further stimulating hubby’s imagination….if you can imagine my hubby needing help to further stimulate his imagination!

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